ISHIBA JAPANスキルアップアカデミー

  • 対象者:一般、レディース、シニア
    開催:基本的には隔週 第2 第4 金曜日 月2回
  • プレミアムメンバー ¥3,980(税別)  入会はこちらから

    〇スタンダードメンバー ¥1,980(税別) 入会はこちらから

  • We are making preparations so that people from overseas can see it.The opening schedule is undecided, but we are working hard to be able to do it from April 2024.

    <There are many people who have decided to participate in the national competition in a short period of time by using the Skill Up Academy video! >

    Why are you getting results in such a short period of time?The reason is that I learned the way of thinking to become strong, and by knowing the mental way of thinking, I became mentally strong and learned the correct foundation.I have improved dramatically by learning the essence of raising top players in all aspects of swing thinking, shot thinking, footwork thinking, assembly method thinking, tactical thinking, doubles thinking, singles thinking, and mental thinking. A short period of growth means a high rate of growth.If the growth rate is not high, you cannot overtake your rivals.If you don't know this mystery, you can't realize your dreams.In my own way, I always end up in a dead end slump.

    Overseas member:$50(Tax not included)
    *There is only premium member type for overseas people.
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